Tikomet Oy is a company specializing in the recycling of hardmetal scrap by the zinc process.

  • CompanyTikomet Oy
  • SectorRecycling of Hard Metal Powders
  • Initial Investment2003
  • Exited2013
  • Exit typeSale to Another Private Equity House


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Co-operation with Tikka, who produced studs for winter tyres, began in 2003. Stud production was sold to Continental after 4 years development. We continued developing Tikomet who at that time was only producing the stud material. Tikomet’s business was completely restructured and  Tikomet became the leading producer of zinc reclaimed WC-Co powders in Europe. Tikomet’s turnover grew from EUR 5 million to EUR 20 million in 4 years. We exited Tikomet in June 2013 by selling it to an another private equity investor.